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Bishops to research disconnected Catholics

Meeting in Sydney, Australia's Catholic bishops have approved a new research project that aims to find out more about the reasons why people are ceasing to attend Mass.

The project which will be carried out by the Melbourne-based Pastoral Projects office, according to a set of reports from the Bishops' Plenary Meeting released yesterday by their media office.

It is hoped the research will also identify what can be done to stem the flow or reach out to those who have gone.

The issue will initially be investigated using interviews and focus groups and build on existing relevant research.

A report on the research is expected to be completed by late 2005.

The bishops also resolved for the Catholic Church to again take part in the National Church Life Survey, to be conducted in 2006.

The media office summary of the Bishops' meeting also includes the following items:

Program for Year of the Eucharist
Conference to send to young people to Cologne
Interfaith fellowships for young Catholic women
Muslim-Catholic Dialogue to be established
National program to be developed for parish council formation
Group to take stock of RCIA
Other ACBC appointments

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7 Dec 2004