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Caritas expresses solidarity with Palestinian people

Caritas Internationalis issued a statement calling international leaders to a renewed commitment to the Middle East Peace Roadmap, on the occasion of Monday's International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

"We implore leaders of the international community to commit themselves seriously to the Roadmap," said the statement. "Each deliberate partnership in this process brings forward the welcome light of a new moment."

Caritas Internationalis is the "mother" body of Caritas organisations around the world, including Caritas Australia and Catholic Relief Service in the US.

Its statement urged an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

"We call for an end to the occupation so that the possibilities for peace in the land, as well as the region, might authentically surface again. We call on the international community to invest in this moment of reconsidered possibilities, to be an abiding, even monitoring presence, to ensure humane accompaniment and objective assessments for practical movement forward. We call on Palestinians and Israelis to engage with each other as human beings, as neighbours, respectful of differences."

The statement stressed the organisation's political neutrality.

"We condemn, as always, every form of violence whatever its source. We stand apart from every action that wilfully diminishes the humanity of other persons.

"We work daily to relieve misery and hopelessness through practical acts of compassion and human development, as members of civil society investing in a better future for all".

Caritas expresses solidarity with Palestinian people (Independent Catholic News 2/12/04)

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3 Dec 2004