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Leaders proclaim true meaning of Christmas

Sydney's Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell, has said that the message of Christmas, more than its symbols of decorations and carols, holds out hope of better times to come for broken families, lonely suburbanites and even religious cynics.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Cardinal Pell said in his annual Christmas message that "useful public debate" about Christmas decorations and carols indicates the importance of symbols for "people of all religions and little religion".

"At this time, Christians should show their colours and acknowledge their devotion to the Christ child, while others can use symbols of little religious significance ranging from reindeer to holly and ivy," he said.

It is the wider message of Christmas that gave life meaning for "soldiers far from home, people sleeping rough, broken families, lonely suburbanites, religious cynics".

"The imagery of the stable helps; the magic and comfort of carols and snow and presents help. But more than all of this, Christmas touches people because the message is that we are not forgotten by God.

"Wherever you are and however difficult your life and your year, God is not a hair's breadth away from you. You are welcome in our churches this Christmas, and always. If you take time to speak to God in prayer and to listen, you will find new strength and direction," Cardinal Pell said.

In Melbourne, Archbishop Denis Hart said Christmas is a gift of unparalleled love.

"At Christmas we pause and know God's love - to share our mission of encouraging others in truth, justice and compassion," Archbishop Hart said. "May all in our great city know the peace that only God can bring."

The Bishop of Maitland-Newcastle in NSW, Michael Malone, said that catering to the lowest common denominator and celebrating Christmas devoid of its real meaning does not necessarily bring tolerance or inclusion.

"Both are much more demanding, requiring a shift in attitude, an understanding and knowledge of the other and a recognition of differences," he said in his Christmas message published on the diocesan website.

As reported yesterday, Brisbane's Archbishop John Bathersby has attracted most attention for his determination to give a warm welcome to the large numbers of irregular worshippers who attend only Christmas (and perhaps Easter) services.

"We value your presence during this joyous season and would welcome your deeper involvement in the life of the Church in 2005," the archbishop says in his message on the card.

Other dioceses and parishes are sending out a similar message. Parish priest of inner-city Richmond in Melbourne, Fr Peter Norden SJ, has distributed 10,000 Midnight Mass invitations to every Richmond dwelling and to all the coffee bars, pubs and restaurants in the area.

"I will be confirming this inclusive welcome to the 500 expected visitors on Friday night, especially to those who believe they have been excluded by church in some way," he explained.

"The Bakhtiyari family will provide a contemporary example of how the Holy Family were treated in Bethlehem at the time of Christ's birth," he suggested. "We need to get back to a ministry which makes it clear that all are welcome to our Christmas celebration, regardless of race, cultural background, religion or even sexual orientation," he concluded.

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24 Dec 2004