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German theology professor affirms Bethlehem angels existence

A New Testament professor at Heidelberg Universitiy has hit out at fellow scholars who pour scorn on the existence of angels, insisting that the Gospel accounts of angels "stand up to verifiable judicial evidence".

According to a report from the German evangelical news agency idea, Professor Klaus Berger was responding to the reality that few theology professors at German universities believe that the whole Bible is God's word.

He told idea: "It is an undue restriction of reality to assume that 'there are no angels'."

He believes that the biblical accounts are true. In his opinion all Gospels claim to stand up to verifiable judicial evidence. The fact that the authors of the Gospels suffered a martyr's death also speaks against the assumption of a legend, says Berger. No one would allow himself to be tortured for something he has only invented.

The website says Berger, now a Protestant, regards himself as an "exiled Catholic" who would stand no chance of being asked to teach at a Catholic university because of his fundamentalist views.

He accuses his Catholic colleagues of "boring theological bickering".

Theology Professor: Christmas is Not a Legend (

University of Heidelberg Faculty of Theology

23 Dec 2004