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Red carpet for Christmas "drifter" massgoers

Brisbane's Archbishop John Bathersby has expressed his determination to give a warm welcome to the large numbers of irregular worshippers who attend only Christmas (and perhaps Easter) services.

In the past, the irregular massgoers have sometimes received a cool reception from priests, asssistants and fellow massgoers. But parishes in Brisbane will distribute 30,000 Christmas cards (pictured) that Archbishop Bathersby has made available for the occasion, in the hope that the massgoers will be enticed to become more regular attenders. The cards will be handed to worshippers as they leave Christmas Masses.

"We value your presence during this joyous season and would welcome your deeper involvement in the life of the Church in 2005," the archbishop says in his message on the card, according to a report in the Catholic Leader. "Because of the complexities of modern day living, and the demands of family and work, many find it difficult to make a regular commitment to Sunday Mass."

"This causes great sadness to myself and our community who realise the difference your presence would make - young, middle aged and senior. Without that presence our Church remains incomplete.

"If we are to be the Church that Jesus wants us to be we must engage a far larger number of people on a more regular basis.'

Archbishop Bathersby invites those who have 'drifted' from the Church to renew their relationship with Jesus through attendance at church in 2005.

"I sincerely invite you to engage the Church again in a meaningful way, hopefully through the initiatives that arose out of our recent synod. We will help you in every way possible."

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23 Dec 2004