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NZ Bishops threaten Govt on gay union Bill

New Zealand's Catholic bishops have mounted a challenge to MPs supporting the country's Civil Union Bill, with a veiled warning of consequences at the ballot box.

The Dominion Post reports that an open letter will be read to congregations nationwide on Sunday, urging Catholics to note how MPs exercise their conscience vote today and vote accordingly.

Catholic bishops feel "obliged in conscience" to take the unprecedented step because of what they believed to be the "grave implications" of such a bill being passed, the church said.

In issuing the statement, the church has made it clear that MPs should not take its warning lightly - it is asserting that Catholics comprise 14% of the population.

The move comes as lobbying intensifies ahead of today's vote, which will determine whether the Civil Union Bill survives. If it does, Parliament will be put into urgency to rush the final vote through before Christmas.

The Bill gives legal recognition to same-sex and heterosexual relationships.

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2 Dec 2004