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Religion, ethics 'essential values for young people' across Asia

An interreligious conference at Bangkok's Israeli Embassy this week has stressed the importance of religion and ethics in the everyday life of students from different religious backgrounds in all Asian countries.

The initiative was inspired by the theme 'Ethics and Love bring awareness of a family's values' and involves exhibits and meetings about the world's main religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.

AsiaNews reports that more than 2500 young participants were asked to write on a heart-shaped card what they thought makes a family happy.

The idea was to help students from different religious backgrounds understand the importance of religion and ethics in everyday life so as to promote religious awareness and interfaith dialogue.

Sunetra Karrear, a 16-year-old Muslim girl, read passages from the Qu'ran. She has been attending Assumption Suksa school (a Christian school run by Fr Khomtune Suksuthip) since her childhood and said that "having different religious beliefs has never been a problem [because] at home my parents teach me the principles of the Qu'ran everyday so that I may really understand Islamic teachings and be pious in Allah."

In Thailand, the mission of Catholic schools is to provide education in accordance with the plans of the Ministry of Education, promote the integrity of the community, and stimulate intellectual growth, artistic endeavor and culture.

Religions and ethics, essential values for young people ( 15/12/04)

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17 Dec 2004