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Priest says democratic society does not suit 'dysfunctional' Church

The South Brisbane parish priest at the centre of the controversy over invalid baptism has described the Church as dysfunctional, meaning that it has trouble relating to democracy because it is not a democracy itself.

Fr Peter Kennedy told the Courier-Mail that the debate prompted by the controversy is "not a bad thing".

St Mary's had been using alternative words as part of its baptism services over the past decade, but agreed to return to the traditional words two months ago. The baptisms were ruled invalid because they included the "inclusive" formula "Creator, Liberator and Sustainer", rather than the mandatory "Father, Son and Holy Spirit".

Fr Kennedy quoted Archbishop John Batherby's nine-point vision for the archdiocese that includes the parish liturgy becoming "more vibrant, meaningful and inclusive" and parishes being "welcoming, inclusive communities to which people are drawn and have a strong sense of belonging".

"You couldn't describe St Mary's better," Fr Kennedy said.

Fr Kennedy said Archbishop Bathersby had challenged him to show that St Mary's was in communion with the archdiocese.

He suggested that Archbishop Bathersby is failing to read the signs of the times.

"The Archbishop is going around all the parishes praying for vocations for religious life," Fr Kennedy said.

"It's like praying for rain during an El Nino pattern."

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2 Dec 2004