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Priest says AIDS fight must tackle 'sex object' culture

A Jesuit priest who is a member of the Federal Government's Ministerial Advisory Committee on AIDS, Sexual Health and Hepatitis has said it is culture, not condoms, that should occupy the minds of seeking a solution to AIDS.

Fr Michael Kelly, who is also CEO of Church Resources - which publishes CathNews - was responding to a challenge from a Melbourne AIDS activist, who told the publication Online Catholics that Fr Kelly's membership of the Committee implies support for the use of condoms.

"Pope John Paul II has consistently warned western societies of the dangers of excessive capitalism," said Fr Kelly. "Turning young men and women into sex objects for advertising purposes communicates to all other young people something particular about what the wider society regards as their real value."

Fr Kelly rejected the assertion of Australian AIDS Fund President Brian Haill that his membership of the Committee requires him to publicly repudiate the Church's opposition to condom use.

"The Church opposes condom use in part because their use does not address the cause of the problem, a deadly virus transmitted through sexual contact," he explained. "It is not an anti-sex argument to observe that our culture has been thoroughly over-sexualised largely for commercial gain."

Mr Haill said that it is up to the priest to choose to offer a "voice of reason and support", especially for women and girls.

"Fr Kelly has the critical opportunity, the vital obligation now, to speak up on the validity of condom usage, most especially in those cases where a spouse or partner is HIV infected."

The Australian AIDS Fund Inc was previously an agency of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Meanwhile Caritas Australia is highlighting the plight of women in Papua New Guinea, where AIDS is rapidly escalating among 14-19 year old girls. National Director Jack De Groot said this is consistent with the experience identified by the United Nations for women in countries confronting AIDS epidemics.

"In addition to their particular biological vulnerability to contracting HIV - studies show that women are 2.5 times more likely to be infected with HIV than their male counterparts - women and girls are confronted almost daily with their relative lack of control over personal health, well-being, and sexual activity, even within the context of marriage," Mr Jack de Groot said.

Caritas hosted a media conference yesterday to focus on the AIDS crisis facing Papua New Guinea. Madang-based HIV/AIDS counsellor Judy Michael, who is herself HIV positive, was joined by Sr Tarcisia Hunhoff, a member of the PNG National AIDS Council.

"I am here to raise awareness, so that we can control the disease and I am also here to thank the Australian people for their commitment to combating the spread of the disease in PNG," Ms Michael said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer warned in a statement issued by AUSAID representatives that HIV/AIDS is at "epidemic proportions in Papua New Guinea, threatening the country's development."

AusAID gave further details of a commitment it made last week to provide $2.9 million funding to combat AIDS through the Churches Partnership Program, which includes Caritas Australia.

"The advent of this partnership between Australia's aid program and seven church groups - the Churches Partnership Program - brings a valuable new resource to the fight against the spread of AIDS in PNG," Mr Downer said.

Mr de Groot stressed that Caritas Australia is deeply committed to combating AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

"Already rapid HIV tests have been distributed and funding for an HIV care and counselling centre has been provided in Madang. During the next nine months this initiative will be expanded to include three more HIV care centres across the country," Mr de Groot said.

"Caritas Australia, with support from AusAID, is also funding the position of an additional worker to work with Sr Tarcisia Hunhoff, National Catholic AIDS coordinator and the recruitment and training of 12 HIV Diocesan coordinators," he said.

In addition, Caritas Australia is providing funds for the development and adaptation of HIV/AIDS awareness raising materials relevant to Papua New Guinea and for a Youth Theatre Group to raise awareness in Bougainville.

Caritas is calling for donations to support its work in the fight against AIDS. The freecall telephone number is 1800 024 413

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31 Dec 2004