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New President for Natural Family Planning Council

Rockhampton wife and mother Mrs Noelle Melrose has taken up the position of President of the Australian Council for Natural Family Planning (ACNFP) for the next two years.

Mrs Melrose, registered nurse and co-ordinator of Natural Family Planning in the Rockhampton Diocese, was elected to this position at the ACNFP bi-annual conference held in Sydney last month.

In taking up her new role, Mrs Melrose said: "I am enthusiastic about working in new ways to tell the Good News of NFP; it's the best kept secret in the Church and in the broader community! I will continue to enhance our education, first to our own teachers, and particularly at a pastoral level."

"As a society we have previously prided ourselves on our 'control of fertility'. However with the growing recognition of many disadvantages associated with a low fertility rate, high abortion rate and an aging population it is a prime time to educate people to live in harmony with their fertility by using Natural Family Planning. It has no side effects as artificial methods of family planning do. There is no greater 'environment' than this sacred garment - our body and our gift of fertility…"

"We must not hide our gift - but rather get excited that we have a highly effective, scientifically based natural method of planning a family, but also a way of life that allows us to live in harmony with ourselves and those we love. Using NFP challenges us to increase our communication skills and so can enhance our quality of life and relationship."

Past President, Mr Tom O'Donnell of the Archdiocese of Perth, handed over the reigns after two years in the role. During Mr O'Donnell's presidency, a new website was developed which makes information about NFP more readily available.

Over forty teachers of Natural Family Planning from right across Australia attended the Conference at which Mrs Melrose was elected President.

During the course of the weekend, teachers were able to meet each other, share commonly-faced challenges and the solutions that have worked in various areas. There was great awareness of the different needs of rural and city teachers.

The need to promote and educate the community about the natural, healthy benefits of Natural Family Planning was widely discussed, with the internet being identified as a new media which provided many opportunities to assist with this.

The Natural Family Planning Council comes under the banner of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, under the leadership of a committee chaired by Bishop Gerard Hanna of Wagga Wagga. Many of the its members are employed with Centacare agencies in dioceses around Australia.

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16 Nov 2004