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Adelaide CBC enforcing teacher extra-curricular commitment policy

One of Adelaide's most prominent Catholic schools - Christian Brothers College - is reported to be threatening to sack teachers who do not participate in compulsory extra-curricular activities, such as camps and weekend sport.

The Sunday Mail said the school has "issued an ultimatum that those who defy the policy will not have their contracts renewed".

It says the dispute is now before the Industrial Relations Commission, with both parties expected to begin arbitration this week.

Independent Education Union SA secretary Glen Seidel, who represents the teachers, said they wanted such activities to be voluntary because the current system was inflexible with teachers' personal lives.

Their actions have prompted a letter from the Catholic Education Office on behalf of the principal, Br Patrick Cronin, warning their jobs are in jeopardy.

The letter was addressed to the union and later distributed to teachers.

". . . it remains an option of the school to accept that repudiation and bring the contracts to an end," the letter stated.

However, Br Cronin believed the school environment was largely unaffected by the dispute.

"It's business as usual," he said. "I think in modern times people are used to industrial action in the workplace."

Br Cronin said it was vital all teachers participated in school activities including retreats, concerts and sport.

"We want these duties to be equally shared by all staff," he said.

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15 Nov 2004