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Pope says euthanasia distorts medical ethics

Pope John Paul has branded euthanasia a distortion of medical ethics, saying on Friday that it's not up to doctors to decide "who can live and who must die".

But while condemning euthanasia, the Pope said terminally ill patients have the right to refuse medicine and therapy that prolongs their lives artificially without hope of recovery.

The Pope's words, read in a major address to Catholic health workers attending a Vatican conference, come at a time when several countries are debating euthanasia laws.

"Euthanasia is among the dramas of an ethic that presumes to establish who can live and who must die," he said.

The Pope, who himself suffers from debilitating Parkinson's disease, said even if euthanasia is sometimes motivated by "badly understood" compassion or an attempt to preserve human dignity, it was morally unacceptable because it suppresses human life.

Euthanasia was an issue in the US presidential debate and a number of countries in Europe are preparing legislation to regulate it.

"Compassion, when devoid of the willingness to confront suffering and stand by those who are suffering, puts an end to life where it aims to end pain, thus distorting the ethical statutes of medical science," he said.

Euthanasia is permitted in some European countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Belgian lawmakers want to expand its legislation to include children and teenagers.

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15 Nov 2004