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Test results show student religious knowledge on the rise

Results of the 2004 Year 6 Religious Education Test in the Sydney Archdiocese indicate continued improvement in students' religious knowledge.

Introduced in 1998, the Year 6 Religious Education (RE) Test assesses students' RE knowledge after seven years at Primary school. The test includes multiple choice and short answer questions on eight sections of the RE curriculum - sacraments, scripture, prayer, liturgical year, church, decision-making, beliefs and saints.

The Catholic Weekly reports that just over 5000 Year 6 students from Catholic parish primary schools and six congregational schools in the Archdiocese completed the 2004 test.

This year's overall average score was 68.3%, up slightly from the previous year. Students from a non-English speaking background achieved a mean score of 67%, while those from an English-speaking background had an average of 70%.

The areas where the students scored highest were in sacraments, scripture and prayer.

A clear trend from the test results was a higher score the longer a student had attended a Catholic school. Students who had been at a Catholic school for six or more years had an average score of 69%. The test average for students attending a Catholic school for one year or less was 59%.

Br Kelvin Canavan, executive director of schools, said that this year's results were very pleasing, and were a good indication of the excellent RE teaching occurring in our schools.

"We need to conduct this Year 6 exit test to ensure that students emerge from their primary education well-versed and literate in religious knowledge. We know that parents expect this of us."

He said that considerable work is done each year to refine and improve the test.

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12 Nov 2004