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Papal sympathy to Palestinians on Arafat death

Upon learning of the death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat yesterday, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano sent a telegram of condolences in the name of Pope John Paul II to Rawhi Fattuh, president of the Palestinian Legislative Council, expressing the Holy Father's closeness to the Palestinian people.

"At this hour of sadness at the passing of President Yasser Arafat," reads the telegram, "His Holiness Pope John Paul is particularly close to the deceased's family, the Authorities and the Palestinian People.

"While entrusting his soul into the hands of the Almighty and Merciful God, the Holy Father prays to the Prince of Peace that the star of harmony will soon shine on the Holy Land and that the two Peoples dwelling therein may live reconciled among themselves as two independent and sovereign.

In another statement, papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls described Arafar as "a leader of great charisma who loved his people and sought to lead them towards national independence".

"May God welcome in His mercy the soul of the illustrious deceased and give peace to the Holy Land, with two independent and sovereign States, fully reconciled with each other," he said.

Yasser Arafat met Pope John Paul II 12 times between, including a meeting in Bethlehem during the Holy Father's pilgrimage to the Holy Land in March 2000.

In 1994 the Holy See and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), in order to remain "open channels for continuing the development of mutual relations, understanding and cooperation, gave the "already long-existing and fruitful working contacts a permanent and official character," and an office of representation for the PLO was opened at the Holy See.

On February 15, 2000, John Paul II and Arafat signed a Basic Agreement between the Holy See and the Palestinian Liberation Organization dealing with certain juridical questions regarding the Church's activity in Palestinian Authority territory.

Meanwhile Christians in Ramallah were "saddened" by the news. Last night Christians and Muslims gathered in Ramallah for a candlelight vigil to pray for Yasser Arafat. The pastor of the Latin-rite Holy Family Parish, Fr Ibrahim Hijazin, told AsiaNews, "the funeral knell of our church will toll all day for our President".

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12 Nov 2004