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Pope says young should receive spiritual and moral formation in family

Pope John Paul II, receiving bishops from the Episcopal Conference of the Indian Ocean (CEDOI), invited "Christian people to live the Year of the Eucharist as an intense time of encounters with Christ," and stressed the need for well formed priests and laity, and the "harmonious development" of families.

CEDOI includes the Comoros Islands, the Seychelles, Mauritius, and Reunion.

Catholic News Agency reports that the Pope said that lay people with "a solid religious formation" will communicate the Gospel message with their presence and work in society, "in the presence of other religions and also with the activity of sects," and encourage other disciples of Christ to give witness to their faith.

He added that "inculturation of the Gospel message is a task of great importance," and said that "for people to progress peacefully inter-religious dialogue is also a necessity."

He said: "Attention to families and to their harmonious development, is one of your pastoral priorities," especially because "societal evolutions today contribute to making family structures fragile."

He urged the bishops to insist on "the value of marriage and the family in God's plan," stating that families "are the privileged place for forming young people and for transmitting moral and spiritual values. The human and spiritual formation of young people is urgent in order to respond to the challenges of witnessing to the Gospel today," he said.

Family is place of spiritual and moral formation of young people, says Pope (Catholic News Agency 9/11/04)

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10 Nov 2004