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Melbourne Archbishop welcomes abortion debate

Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne has welcomed the renewed debate on abortion, describing Australia's 100,000 abortions a year as a "huge suffering".

The Herald-Sun reports that his comments follow several ministers, including Health Minister Tony Abbott, Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson and Special Minister of State Eric Abetz, calling for a debate about Medicare funding of abortions.

Governor-General Michael Jeffery has also weighed in, saying it would be "great" if the number of abortions could be reduced while still respecting a woman's right to choose.

Archbishop Hart said in a statement yesterday that the Catholic Church had always championed the protection of human life from conception.

"Our youngest and oldest human beings have an equal right to life and dignity that we now give to children and adults."

He said the debate needed to focus on the rights of the child in the womb.

"Discussion has rightly focused on compassion for women, while ignoring compassion for the child in the womb, who is the silent partner in this debate," he said.

"We, as a society, need to reflect more clearly on the beginning, the end, and the value of each human life."

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10 Nov 2004