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Pope sees globalisation and sects threatening Church in Americas

Pope John Paul has reflected on the progress since the 1997 First Synod of Bishops for America and concluded that globablisation's "absolute value attributed to the economy", and the "harmful action of the sects", as the greatest challenges facing the church in the region.

Zenit reports that he had summarised his conclusions in the Post-Synodal Exhortation Ecclesia in America, in 1999. Five years on, he has presented an evaluation to cardinals and bishops whom he received in audience and who participated in the ninth meeting of the post-synodal council.

"Among the challenges of the present moment, in addition to the harmful action of the sects, other difficulties must be mentioned, such as, for example, the negative consequences of globalization, especially when an absolute value is attributed to the economy," he stressed.

John Paul II then made reference to "the growing urbanisation, with the inevitable cultural uprooting; the trade and consumption of drugs; modern ideologies that consider the concept of the family based on marriage as having been transcended; the progressive difference between the rich and poor; violations of human rights; migratory movements and the complex problem of the external debt."

Of the 1.07 billion Catholics in the world, 535 million live in the American continent.

Pope Enumerates Challenges and Resources for Church in America (Zenit 5/11/04)

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8 Nov 2004