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Liberals say Abbott will pay for commitment to faith before politics

Health Minister Tony Abbott's faith-inspired decision to champion a divisive new debate over abortion may have cost him any future chance of leading the party, according to senior Liberals.

News Limited political columnist Glen Milne wrote yesterday that even some of those Government MPs who support Abbott's calls for a review of Government funding of late-term abortions concede the timing of his campaign has damaged the Government.

"These anti-abortionists are worried that Abbott's foray into morality politics has coincided with the electorate adjusting to the prospect of the Howard Government controlling both houses of parliament - a once-in-20-year event," Milne says

He says the Health Minister's new anti-abortion "crusade: comes just as Labor is trying to stir up a scare campaign, warning that an arrogant John Howard, flush with victory, will now try to push a hardline agenda through the Senate.

Abbott's internal critics say he has left the impression with voters that a winding back of a woman's right to an abortion may be part of the Government's secret Senate plans.

Abbott is a former seminarian for the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Quoting "concerned" senior Liberals, Milne contends that while no one in the Government doubts Abbott's views are heartfelt and have been reached after conscientious intellectual examination, "it is his judgment on timing that has led to serious questioning of his leadership credentials".

"Tony Abbott is a Catholic before he's a Liberal," said one senior Liberal colleague, also Catholic. "I don't think it is the role of a Liberal politician to use Liberal endorsement as a cover for bringing in a Catholic social agenda."

As a result of these concerns, Howard is expected to relegate the abortion debate to the backburner when he returns next week from leave - despite previously privately championing Abbott's conservative social views as a qualification for party leadership.

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8 Nov 2004