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Pope reflects on priesthood of believers

At his regular weekly public audience yesterday, Pope John Paul II offered a meditation on the Hymn of the Saved from the Apocalypse, and some thoughts on the Priesthood of all Believers.

Catholic World News reports that in an address to about 8500 people in St. Peter's Square, the Holy Father said that God has "freed us from evil and made us a kingdom of priests."

All believers, he said, are called to participate in the Eucharistic liturgy, in prayer, in evangelization, and in acts of charity.

The vision of the Apocalypse, the Pope continued, shows "a sort of heavenly liturgy in which we can join, even while we are still pilgrims on earth," through the Eucharist. All mankind is called to join in the celebration, in praise of the "immolated Lamb," who is the focus of the canticle, made present in the Eucharist.

Pope John Paul appeared to be in good spirits, but - following what has become his standard practice - he read only a few lines of his prepared text before handing it over to an aide who delivered the remainder. After his prepared remarks, the Pontiff remained to greet groups of pilgrims.

The Holy Father reminded his audience that yesterday was the feast of St Charles Borromeo, his patron saint. His baptismal name, Karol, is the Polish form of Charles. The day is traditionally celebrated as a feast at the Vatican.

Pope reflects on priesthood of believers (Catholic World News 3/11/04)

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4 Nov 2004