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New schools boost medical training

Notre Dame University will be part of Australia's largest single expansion of university medical training, following yesterday's official announcement that the Australian Medical Council (AMC) has accredited three medical schools.

From next year, Bond University will run Australia's first private medical school, offering 65 places to undergraduates. Griffith University on the Gold Coast and the Catholic Notre Dame in Fremantle will each offer 80 graduate places - meaning an extra 225 doctors graduating per year by 2010.

The Government will provide HECS-funded places at Griffith and Notre Dame. This will equate to fees of $24,000 a year at Notre Dame.

AMC president Joanna Flynn said only two new medical schools had been established in the past 25 years.

She said the accreditation process reflected a change in medical education - with a greater focus on student-directed learning, increased breadth of clinical experience beginning from the first year, and more emphasis on communication skills.

Australian Medical Association president Bill Glasson said the extra places would be significant in the longer term in helping address shortages.

He said the schools need to ensure students received experience in rural and remote areas to encourage more graduates into country practices, which had the most acute problems attracting doctors.

The West Australian reports today that the AMC did express concerns about possible religious bias at Notre Dame, including inadequacies in the way doctors will be taught about ethical issues such as homosexuality, abortion and contraception.

But on a list of strengths, the AMC endorsed a commitment to provide a solid grounding in medical ethics and a partnership with Curtin University, which will provide facilities for the biomedical training. It also praises the financial support for the project - which stands at $15 million so far.

Head of the new school, Professor Adrian Bower, who helped established two medical schools in Queensland, said any doctor who tried to push their views on a patient would be behaving unethically. The theology course had been tailored for students to learn about questions of humanity, spirituality and a range of different faiths.

"These are really important things that never usually get a guernsey in a medical course," he said. "I am totally convinced that the Catholic nature of the university will only enhance the educational experience, not restrict it." Religion had not formed part of the selection criteria for students, including 30 who will pay full fees and 50 who will take up HECS places. More than half the successful applicants are from interstate and hold previous degrees in law, engineering, biomedical sciences or humanities.

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30 Nov 2004