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ACU Senate mulls over Sydney Archdiocese rent determination

The Senate of Australian Catholic University discussed at its meeting yesterday the "determination" by the Archdiocese of Sydney for ACU National to pay a significant management fee for its NSW campuses at North Sydney and Strathfield.

According to a statement released after the meeting, it considered the implications of independent legal and financial advice in relation to the property arrangements in place between the University - also known as ACU National - and the Archdiocese of Sydney.

On the formal basis of this advice, the Senate has decided to take on board points made in its advice and to enter into further interactions with the Archdiocese.

ACU National Chancellor Br Julian McDonald commented: "On the basis of sound independent legal and financial advice the University Senate has directed the Vice-Chancellor and me to enter into formal interactions with the Archdiocese of Sydney to ensure an equitable and speedy outcome to this issue, and to obtain security of tenure over the two sites."

"I am looking for an expeditious resolution to this matter as I am conscious that it is concerning many stakeholders, especially staff and students," he said.

ACU National is Australia's only Catholic and publicly funded national University.

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19 Nov 2004