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Pax Christi Australia call for end to Falluja violence

Pax Christi Australia has condemned the "heartless atrocities" suffered by Iraqis - particularly in the city of Falluja in the past month - at the hands of overwhelming military force.

The organisation - part of Pax Christi international Catholic peace movement - has reasserted its position that weapons of war cannot win political battles and that terrorism cannot be brought to an end in this way.

"Faced with the brutal attacks on a people who resist invasion, we cannot remain silent and refuse to be silent," said the statement, which was released yesterday by convenor Fr Claude Mostowik MSC.

"Where one tyrant was removed for having made war on his own people, the invaders have appointed a leader who himself has authorised war against his own people."

The statement cites Amnesty International's assessment that the rules of war protecting civilians and wounded combatants have been broken by both sides in the fighting in Falluja.

"Pax Christi Australia joins Amnesty International in demanding that all violations be investigated and those responsible brought to justice," it says. "We are particularly concerned by the deliberate targeting of civilians, indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks, and the killing of injured persons, all of which are serious breaches of international humanitarian law."

Pax Christi's other humanitarian concerns include acute shortages of food, water, medicine and electricity, and the obstruction preventing medical and other relief supplies from reaching those in urgent need.

After more than a week of intense fighting Falluja has become the symbol of a country ravaged by occupation. Most of its inhabitants have fled to an uncertain future in other parts of the country. The few that remained have seen their lives and bodies shattered.

Pax Christi has invited all Australians, together with the Federal Government, to disengage from the continuing "unlawful occupation of Iraq", and to "contribute generously to the costly but necessary economic and political reconstruction of Iraq under the direction and supervision of the United Nations".

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19 Nov 2004