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US cardinal talks up benefits of adult stem cell research

Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick described the current debate over embryonic stem-cell research as a "phony issue" when compared to the benefits already proved with studies conducted with adult stem cells

In his column in his archdiocesan newspaper, the cardinal stressed that the church is "not opposed to adult stem-cell research".

"As a matter of fact, that kind of research has already helped hundreds of thousands of people over many years," he said, adding that research on adult stem cells "should be encouraged and supported by public and private funds alike because it has proven to be useful and beneficial to human beings and does not destroy the lives of anyone."

Embryonic stem-cell research, on the other hand, "does not have that kind of track record," he wrote, adding that it "really has no track record in human patients at all."

The cardinal described embryonic stem-cell research as the "darling of some research groups and the multibillion-dollar biotechnology industry," and he stressed that readers should "not take their exaggerated claims for granted. Ask the right questions and learn the difference between fact and fiction."

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19 Oct 2004