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Howard praises Archbishops' intervention

Prime Minister John Howard yesterday praised the "courageous intervention" of Catholic and Anglican leaders who attacked Labor's election schools policy, taking the opportunity to accuse Labor leader Mark Latham of peddling "class warfare" politics from a bygone era.

In a private motivational talk to Liberal Party MPs in Canberra, the Prime Minister homed in on Labor's schools funding policy, claiming it showed the Opposition Leader had not understood the electorate's mood.

During the election, the four Catholic and Anglican archbishops of Sydney and Melbourne attacked the "potentially divisive" nature of the Opposition's education framework.

A report in The Australian today says it is understood that Mr Howard believes the intervention of the controversial Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell was particularly courageous, given Labor's traditional links with the Catholic Church. Labor was also promising to redirect funding from Anglican to Catholic schools.

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19 Oct 2004