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Cardinal Sin fighting for life in Manila hospital

Cardinal Jaime Sin, 76 year old archbishop emeritus of Manila, was rushed to hospital yesterday after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

Official chuch sources are downplaying the seriousness of his condition, but Reuters reports that bishop who asked not to be named said he was in a "50-50 condition". His aide, Fr Jun, would not say for how long he would remain at the Cardinal Santos Medical Centre.

Cardinal Sin is described as the "powerbroker at the heart of Philippine people power revolts", most famously that which preceded the downfall of President Marcos on 1986. A later president, Fidel Ramos, called him "the divine commander-in-chief". He was also instrumental in driving disgraced President Joseph Estrada from office in 2001.

"My duty is to put Christ in politics. Politics without Christ is the greatest scourge of our nation," Sin said at his retirement ceremony.

Sin had a brief spell in hospital last year after suffering a seizure while at prayer. He has a long-standing kidney ailment. His departure signaled the end of an unprecedented period of political activism by the church, although it remains a potent force and a key backer of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

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12 Oct 2004