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Pope worried about couples' reluctance to have children

The frequent unwillingness of couples in the western countries to reproduce conceals "a view of marital love incapable of confidence in the future", according to Pope John Paul II.

Zenit reports that the Holy Father focused on the love of spouses in this week's Wednesday General Audience at the Vatican.

Reflecting on Psalm 44(45), he spoke of a "gentle feminine portrait" of the bride of a symbolic Jewish king, in whom the Jewish tradition has seen the Messiah, and the Christian tradition Christ himself. He dedicated the poetic composition "to all couples who live their marriage with intensity and inner freshness."

"Genuine gladness, much more profound than simple gaiety, is an expression of love, which participates in the good of the person loved with serenity of heart," he said.

He then mentioned "another reality" beyond this happiness, which "is radically inherent in marriage: fecundity".

"The future, not just of the dynasty but of humanity, is brought about precisely because the couple offers new creatures to the world," he added. "It is an important and timely topic in the West, often incapable of ensuring its own existence in the future through the generation and care of new creatures, who will continue the civilization of peoples and realize the history of salvation."

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8 Oct 2004