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Catholic Health says Medicare Gold 'tips the scales'

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has released its final analysis of the health and aged care measures put forward by both major parties in the 2004 election campaign, concluding that Labor's Medicare Gold best supports major concerns.

CHA CEO Francis Sullivan admitted that the health debate during the election campaign has been confusing and blurred, with both parties excelling in particular aspects of the health debate. But he said the distinctive issue to stand out in improving a major social issue has been Medicare Gold.

"Medicare Gold is addressing a major brewing social concern," he said. "It should be supported because it aims to improve the dignity and self worth of elderly Australians."

Catholic Health has released a comprehensive analysis of various Party responses to health objectives, available for download from its website (see links below).

Meanwhile the Catholics lobby group PolMin (the Australian Political Ministry Network) has reasserted the protection of water as a major election issue that has been overshadowed by other issues and, to a large extent, neglected by the major parties.

Coordinator Victoria Kearney said: "After a detailed policy analysis both major parties still reflect an economic position on water as a resource, rather than part of our environmental security, which needs to protected for the common good."

Ms Kearney said water should not be seen as economic commodity for profit or compensation alone.

"Decreased government jurisdictional barriers, national incentives for water use and reuse technology, and education and change in agricultural practices needs to be a stronger focus in policy development," she said. "This is still not seen as the main focus, whereas water trading and economic management of water remain as the policy focus of the Coalition."

PolMin includes representatives from religious congregations and other Catholic bodies on its board, and aims to give input to public policy from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching.

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7 Oct 2004