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Bishop slams 'Price is Right' election campaign

Australian Catholic Social Justice Council chair Bishop Christopher Saunders has expressed disappointment at the Federal Election campaign's consistent appeals to voters' self-interest.

Bishop Saunders issued a statement yesterday underlining the need for Australians to remember the demands of social justice as they vote in Saturday's election.

In line with the pre-election statement issued by the Australian Bishops, Bishop Saunders urged voters to consider issues related to justice and fairness before casting their votes.

"It is disappointing to note the extent to which the current election campaign has featured appeals to voters' self-interest", he said. "The bidding war offering huge cash prizes at times looks like some bizarre 'The Price is Right' type game show.

"Not enough has been said about the needs of the poorer and more disadvantaged members of society," he said. "Poverty has to be an election issue."

"At the same time, I am pleased by proposals from both sides of politics aimed at greater fairness in key areas like education, health, family life and the environment.

"I note with regret that little has been said during the election campaign about overseas aid, an area where Australia falls well below the UN's recommended level for affluent countries.

"I hope that electors will ignore appeals to greed and will favour candidates with a genuine commitment to the common good."

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6 Oct 2004