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Bishop has 'no difficulty' with civil recognition for gay couples

An Irish bishop has asserted that he has no problem with laws giving civil recognition to same-sex couples.

Speaking on the tenth anniversary of his installation in the diocese of Killaloe, Dr Willie Walsh also stated that homosexual orientation is not sinful, but is simply a fact.

Admitting that the teachings of the Catholic Church may have promoted homophobia, the Bishop said he would have no difficulties with legislation to acknowledge the civil liberties and protect the partnership rights of gay couples.

Dr Walsh told Clare FM however that the institution of marriage should be preserved for heterosexual couples: "I have no difficulty in relation to recognising the civil liberties of people of homosexual orientation.

"I do have a difficulty in relation to marriage. I do believe that marriage is a loving life-long relationship between a man and a woman," he said.

Bishop has 'no difficulty' with civil recognition for gay couples (Irish Times 26/10/04)

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27 Oct 2004