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Adelaide Centacare critical of Govt over refugee return

Adelaide Centacare director Dale West is urging the Federal Government not to force or coerce asylum seekers to return to dangerous countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to SBS, Mr West says the Government must not indicate it is safe to return to those countries when Australian citizens are discouraged from going there.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advises on its website: "The security environment in Iraq remains extremely dangerous, as underscored by continuing terrorist activity, kidnapping and other attacks against Iraqi and foreign civilians." With regard to Afghanistan, the Department says: "The security situation is particularly dangerous outside of Kabul".

Mr West's comments follow concern from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees that some countries are pressuring Iraqi asylum seekers to return to Iraq.

He says people now in community detention or immigration detention centres are being pressured, both subtly and overtly, to return to their countries of origin.

"There's no doubt in my mind that partly it's a political thing," he said. "But also when you've got something like 9000 people who are on temporary protection visas and the government doesn't seem to have an exit strategy, they seem to be in a rut when it comes to knowing how to deal with those issues, then every person who does yield to the pressure that the government might be putting on them to return to their country of origin is one less person they have to be concerned about.

Last month, researchers from the Sydney-based Edmund Rice Centre and the Australian Catholic University said Australia has deported at least 35 rejected asylum seekers into dangerous situations and needs to urgently reform its refugee protection system. Their report said that in their push to get rid of detainees, authorities "often took a reckless" view of the dangers faced once asylum seekers are deported.

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26 Oct 2004