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BoysTown loses star touch of Kylie Minogue

Pop star Kylie Minogue and her accountant father have relinquished their roles promoting a children's telephone counselling service run by Queensland Catholic charity BoysTown.

Ron Minogue resigned from the board of Kids Help Line several weeks ago, and Kylie served notice she is no longer available to be the help line's international ambassador.

BoysTown has been through troubled times recently, with the fraud investigation of its former chief executive Br Paul Smith.

Current CEO Jack Firman told the Courier-Mail that Mr Minogue resigned over a difference of opinion about how much of the money raised for the help line should go directly to the charity.

Mr Firman said Miss Minogue did not resign out of principle but because she lived in Britain and was ready to pass the baton after five years as ambassador.

Miss Minogue attended fundraising dinners and other activities that attracted sponsorship.

BoysTown loses star touch of Minogue (The Courier Mail 16/9/04)


16 Sep 2004