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Archbishop enables ACU to retain high-profile philosopher

Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne has announced that the Archdiocese will assume full funding of Australian Catholic University's Chair in Philosophy, enabling the re-appointment of its internationally-respected Foundation Professor in Philosophy, Raimond Gaita.

"ACU National is delighted to have received this generous support from Archbishop Hart and the University congratulates Professor Gaita on his re-appointment to the Chair in Philosophy," said ACU National Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Professor Gabrielle McMullen.

Professor Gaita has held the position at ACU National since 1998. Each year Professor Gaita spends six months at ACU National and the other half of the year at the University of London King's College where he is Professor of Moral Philosophy.

"ACU National has been fortunate to gain the services of this international scholar who has significantly increased the visibility of philosophy and the philosophers at the University," she said. "Professor Gaita has achieved this through his scholarly work as well as by hosting a series of activities which promote the public face of philosophy at ACU National."

One of Professor Gaita's many contributions is the Simone Weil Lecture, held annually in Melbourne and Sydney and features a distinguished philosopher from abroad. In addition to this, he is also the instigator of a Melbourne-based series of six public lectures, called the Wednesday Lectures, held annually on the Melbourne Campus (St Patrick's). Last year's series on the invasion of Iraq formed the basis of a successful book he edited entitled, Why the War Was Wrong.

"I hope that my public reputation will encourage students and their parents to think of ACU National when they think of philosophy that is rigorous, serious and engaged with important public issues," said Professor Gaita.

During his time at ACU, Professor Gaita has published five books, including Why the War Was Wrong (2003); The Philosopher's Dog (2002), and Good and Evil: An Absolute Conception.

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16 Sep 2004