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Pope prompts NZ Marist Rugby to review Sunday games

The New Zealand Marist Rugby Federation is reported to be reviewing the future of its participation in Sunday rugby following concerns about secularisation Pope John Paul II voiced to the country's bishops earlier this week.

The Holy Father said: "New Zealand enjoys a proud heritage, steeped in rich cultural diversity, yet like many other countries is today suffering the effects of unrestrained secularism/"

The NZCity website says the Federation has indicated it will "take heed" of the Pope's warnings.

The Pope, who played international rugby for Poland, told New Zealand bishops we spend too much time playing sports and not enough time going to church.

Rugby Development Officer Tony Meachen stressed that the Federation's adherence to Church requirements is no longer mandatory.

But he suggested that the "Church and God are playing as great a role as ever" amongst the young players.

He said players kneel down and thank God before a game and if they score a try.

Catholics constitute around 13% of the population in New Zealand, which is roughly half the Catholic proportion of the Australian population.

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15 Sep 2004