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Coalition urges more generous response to Sudan crisis

A group of some of the largest aid agencies working in Darfur and Chad have called on the governments of France, Italy and Japan to be more generous in their response to the tragedy unfolding in Chad and the Darfur region of Sudan.

In a joint letter, Caritas Internationalis, the Save the Children Alliance, CARE International, and Oxfam International urged the French, Italian and Japanese governments to respond urgently to the crisis in Sudan and Chad by sharply increasing aid to the region.

According to the UN, at the end of August the organisation reported that that it had only received just over half of the money it needs to help those who have fled the violence in Darfur".

Although the agencies have long experience of working in Sudan, the situation in Darfur is particularly shocking. Many hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and are now facing starvation and disease.

On both sides of the Sudan/Chad border, a human tragedy is unfolding, with people in desperate need of clean water, food, shelter, healthcare and other life-saving assistance.

The UN appealed for $A762 million to successfully carry out its humanitarian work in Darfur and Chad, of which $A396 million has been raised, and $A366 million is still needed.

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10 Sep 2004