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Catholics make presence felt at Republican Convention

Catholics coming to New York to attend the Republican Party convention expressed a commitment to taking a role in the party's life and making their presence felt as Catholics.

Although the head of their party's ticket, President George W. Bush, is a United Methodist, Catholics interviewed by Catholic News Service contended that he is closer to Catholic values than was their fellow Catholic heading the Democratic ticket, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

On Sunday, the day before the convention was to open, many Catholics who were delegates or planning to participate in other ways gathered for a 5:00 pm Mass at Our Saviour Church in midtown Manhattan.

The Archdiocese of New York announced that Cardinal Edward M. Egan had accepted an invitation to give the benediction at the close of the convention following Bush's acceptance speech tomorrow local time.

Meanwhile the National Catholic Reporter has a report of at least 700 Catholic anti-war activists joining the huge protest has received widespread media coverage.

"The parishioners joined a throng of activists estimated at between 150,000 and 400,000, comprising some 800 groups affiliated with United for Peace and Justice - organizer of the demonstration. They moved from Washington Square and the streets of Chelsea up Seventh Avenue to Madison Square Garden, where this week the Republican National Convention will nominate George Bush to serve a second term as president."

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32 Sep 2004