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Vatican newspaper condemns Australian Embassy bombing

The Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano has condemned "the brutal blackmail of terrorism" in a front-page response to yesterday's bombing of the Australian embassy in Indonesia.

L'Osservatore Romano observed that in the Jakarta bombing, which left at least 9 people dead and nearly 200 injured, terrorists had once again "used the brutal instruments that are their hallmark: sowing death and destruction in cities, indiscriminately attacking people in the daily lives, to eliminate security and spread panic."

The paper observed that the world is on the eve of the anniversary of the shocking terrorist attacks of September 11, 2002. It also recalled the October 2002 attack on a nightclub in Bali, which left 200 people dead.

Other Rome-based Church news services, including MISNA and AsiaNews, were also quick to respond to the attack.

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10 Sep 2004