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Catholic Health proposes Quality Care Compact for elderly

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) yesterday called for the establishment of what it called a "Quality Care Compact", which would mark the beginning of the next phase of aged care reform.

CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said it is now seven years since the establishment of Australia's aged care accreditation system, and "a new culture of caring for the frail elderly is being embraced".

"The aged care system may not be perfect but there have been many improvements since the advent of accreditation and the professionalisation of services," he said, suggesting that it's now time to "shift gear into a concerted quality agenda".

"This means a comprehensive investment strategy whereby elderly people always receive dignified care and the certainty that the most appropriate service will be available to them where and when they need it."

CHA is therefore calling for a Quality Care Compact, based on an agreed level of care which "binds government, providers and staff to achieve specific care results for the frail and sick".

The Compact would include a commitment to introducing a benchmark of care which is fully funded by Government and provides clearly defined levels of service which must be met by providers and accounted for accordingly.

Mr Sullivan said the Compact would recognise and fund pastoral care as an "essential element of care for people in aged care facilities".

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Catholic Health Australia

8 Sep 2004