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Pope celebrates open air beatification Mass at Loreto

Pope John Paul II was greeted yesterday by about 200,000 pilgrims at a shrine in Loreto, Italy, where he beatified three members of the lay political movement Catholic Action.

The open air ceremony took place on a sound stage and altar for the beatification ceremony in a valley not far from the Adriatic Sea. The Pope was accompanied at the mass by 177 cardinals and bishops and 1450 priests.

The 84-year-old pope, who had just been in Lourdes in mid-August, was clearly summoning up a monumental physical effort in order to carry through his duties. A small part of his homily had to be read for him by Argentine cardinal Monsignor Leopardi Sandri.

The Holy Father then began reading again in a slow and tired voice, and was forced to catch his breath after every phrase. Some of what he said could not be understood. Yet he was able to see through the mass.

"Courage, Catholic Action, the Lord guide your steps towards renewal," he said.

John Paul called on those present to show their faith "through fidelity and tenderness in the family, competence at work, tenacity in the service of the common good, solidarity in social relations, creativity in works helpful to evangelising and the promotion of humanity."

Catholic Action is the largest movement of its kind in Italy, with some 400,000 members.

The beatii were: Alberto Marvelli (1918-1946), Pino Suriano (1915-1950) and Pedro Tarres y Claret (1905-1950).

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6 Sep 2004