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Baghdad Patriarch says 'we knocked, a door opened'

"We knocked on every door to free the two Italian women," His Beatitude Emmanuel Delly, Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad said after the announcement of freedom for the two Italian hostages overnight Australian time. "One opened. And Iraqi Christians and Muslims are rejoicing."

"When I mean we knocked on every door, I mean every door," he stressed. "And the Lord was there to help us find one open. I cannot tell you which one, but one opened and the two young women walked through free."

The Patriarch refrained however from going into details as to how the Church was able to free Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, the two Italian women aid workers abducted on 7 September 7 and set free yesterday local time.

The BBC reports that they were handed over to the Red Cross in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, and arrived back to a jubilant reception in Italy late on Tuesday.

Arabic television station al-Jazeera broadcast footage of the two Italian women, aged 29, being released.

It showed them in an open field, wearing black veils over their faces, which they later lifted, smiling and chatting as they were met by three men.

"Shukran, shukran gesilan, ma salama [Thanks, thanks a million, good-bye]," said one of the women.

We knocked, a door opened, Baghdad Patriarch says ( 28/9/04)

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29 Sep 2004