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Irish poll says 10% would think about a religious vocation

As Irish survey has suggested that 10% of Catholics would seriously consider a vocation to the priesthood or religious life. reports that the survey was carried out in ten parishes and two secondary schools in Dublin on Vocations Sunday last May.

Commenting on this finding, Dublin Archdiocese Vocations Co-Ordinator Fr Kevin Doran said: "Maybe it is not being suggested enough to young people and parents and priests need to be more proactive."

765 people from ten parishes, and two secondary schools, took part in the survey, which Fr Doran said was aimed at stimulating a process of reflection on the whole issue of vocations.

Respondents attributed the the vocations decline to the sex scandals and celibacy "celibacy no longer making sense to people". Also mentioned were fear of commitment and God having been "forgotten in the midst of economic prosperity".

Fr Doran said he is not surprised by the findings in relation to sex scandals which are such high profile issues, but felt that the findings on 'celibacy' presented a challenge to priests and religious.

"I think that a lot of people have a perception that celibacy is extremely difficult or even impossible. As a church we need to look at how we present celibacy, which tends to be a bit negative. Instead we need to present celibacy as relationship, instead of the absence of it," he said.

Pictured: Conference of Diocesan Vocations Directors vocations poster distributed to Dublin Catholic primary schools.

10% of young people would "seriously consider vocation to religious life' - survey (Catholic Ireland 27/9/04)

Archdiocese of Dublin: Diocesan Vocations Centre

28 Sep 2004