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Catholic Health welcomes Coalition dementia package

Catholic Health Australia has praised the Federal Coalition's willingness to invest in the capacity of Australia's health system to properly care for those who suffer with Alzheimers Disease and the various stages of dementia.

Prime Minister John Howard outlined a $200 million package to deal with dementia when he launched the coalition's re-election campaign at the weekend. The Age reported that the bulk of the funding, $127.7 million, will go to helping 2000 people with dementia to be cared for in their homes. More than $52 million will be spent on making dementia a national health priority and another $20 million will be used to train community care staff, residential care workers, police and transport staff on dementia issues.

Speaking after the release of the Federal Coalition's $200 million dementia package, CHA CEO Francis Sullivan said: "CHA had called for increased funding for dementia care in the community and in the construction of dementia specific facilities. This package goes part of the way towards a comprehensive investment strategy."

Mr Sullivan mentioned specifically funding for research, and the recognition that more evidence-based models of care are needed to give people with dementia a dignified lifestyle.

"We still need to see significant capital grants so that the badly needed extra beds in appropriate settings for people with dementia can be constructed," he said. "The Coalition's package would be improved if a practical solution to the problem of elderly patients caught in the hospital system waiting for residential and other care was provided."

Coalition Dementia Package Welcomed (Catholic Health Australia 27/9/04)

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28 Sep 2004