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Vatican on WMDs and violation of human dignity

The Holy See's representative at last weeks International Atomic Energy Agency conference has said the ongoing violation of the human dignity of innocent victims of terrorism highlights the need to face the underlying causes.

Monsignor Boccardi told the Vienna meeting that "the acts of violence recently perpetrated in Russia and in other parts of the world gravely offend all humanity."

"The continued violations of human dignity and the innocent victims of terrorism draw the attention of all to the need to face the causes which underlie such a modern form of barbarism and to deal with them effectively," he said. "We must also continue to believe in dialogue as essential to establishing peace and security."

Monsignor Boccardi, who holds the post of Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations (Vienna), also underlined the "continued threats to peace and stability due to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)."

Pointing to rising insecurity in the Middle East, especially in the Holy Land and Iraq, he stressed the need to promote "the peaceful applications of nuclear technologies", as they "can make a significant contribution to responding to the most urgent concerns" such as managing drinking water supplies, crops, fighting malnutrition, treating disease and giving a greater salt tolerance in arid climates.

Vatican acknowledges grave risk posed by WMD and nuclear proliferation in the Middle East (Catholic News Agency 27/9/04)

International Atomic Energy Agency | 48th General Conference | Vatican statement

28 Sep 2004