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Rome journal's qualified praise for feminism

The Italian Jesuits' journal Civilta Cattolica has said that despite errors and exaggerations, feminism has allowed "the recognition of woman's dignity and equality with man".

But the recent article, quoted by Catholic World News, stresses that while men and women are equal in dignity, they are different in their sexual and psychological roles.

Civilta Cattolica articles are regarded as semi-official statements of Vatican opinion, as they are vetted in advance by the Secretariat of State.

The article in question says that feminism has made a noteworthy contribution to contemporary society by helping to overcome the forms of discrimination that were based on a belief that women are inferior. These unjust attitudes, it observes, are "imposed by the egotism and arrogance of man".

But the article rejects "gender ideology", which it claims "denies any fundamental difference between men and women".

The growth of gender ideology undermines the basis for the family, the magazine observes. "Today, more than ever before, the family is attacked from all sides," it said. "And for this reason, too, the Church must attack the extreme versions of feminism."

The journal calls attention to the document published on 31 July by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, signed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger reiterating the teachings of the Church regarding the proper roles of men and women.

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22 Sep 2004