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East Timor bishop asks lay Christians to lead evangelisation

Newly-appointed Dili Bishop Alberto Ricardo da Silva has said that lay East Timorese are the "main agents" of re-evangelisation, with many of the country's largely Catholic population knowing very little about their faith.

Bishop Da Silva, who was appointed Bishop of Dili by Pope John Paul II earlier this year, was speaking during a seminar for newly-appointed bishops of mission territories by the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples in Rome that concluded at the weekend.

"The laity are the main agents of re-evangelisation that is so necessary for our country, where people are baptized, but they know very little about the faith and how to live it in the changed social, cultural and economic situation of today; Catholics need to re-evangelise themselves," said Bishop Da Silva.

The Diocese of Dili has 558,00 Catholic who are served by 96 priests, about 340 women religious, many catechists and other active lay persons.

Bishop Asks Lay Christians to Spearhead Evangelisation (Catholic Information Service for Africa/Fides 21/9/04)

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22 Sep 2004