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Social Justice Statement set for launch today

NSW Governor Professor Marie Bashir AC will launch the Bishops' annual Social Justice Sunday Statement in Sydney this morning.

The Statement, Peace Be With You: Cultivating a Culture of Peace, addresses issues of peace and conflict - both abroad and at home. Social Justice Sunday is being observed this Sunday.

"Our world offers no shortage of examples of war, civil unrest, terrorism and famine," says a statement released by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council ahead of the launch.

"The shocking slaughter of children in Beslan, the Jakarta bombing, the crisis in Iraq and the unfolding disaster in Dafur are the latest dreadful examples. Even in Australia, where most people enjoy a peaceful existence that allows us to go about our lives without fear of violence, there are threats to the human dignity of vulnerable people."

The Statement highlights important ways Australians can cultivate peace in our families, our communities, in national life and even globally. Issues addressed in the Statement include: the importance of family life, national reconciliation with Indigenous people, justice for asylum seekers, interfaith prayer and dialogue, democratic and multicultural values, aid and development, and national and international security.

Copies of the statement are available from the Social Justice Council. The Council website offers resources for use with the Statement, including liturgy notes, teachers' notes, and a ten step action leaflet and prayer card.

Launch of the Australian Catholic Bishops' 2004 Social Justice Sunday Statement (Australian Catholic Social Justice Council 21/9/04)

Peace Be With You: Cultivating a Culture of Peace (Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 2004 Social Justice Sunday Statement 22/9/04)
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22 Sep 2004