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Wollongong bishop takes stand against new age healers

Bishop Peter Ingham of the NSW Diocese of Wollongong has banned a new age healing expo from the Campbelltown Catholic Club because the event is "contradictory to the church's doctrine".

The Sun Herald reports that Magic of Holistic Healing Expo was due to take place at the Club yesterday. After the bishop's intervention, it was evenually moved to the Campbelltown Tennis Club.

"I had no alternative than to cancel the function," said Bishop Ingham.

In a statement, he argued that "new-age package" was "dangerous to people's salvation".

Campbelltown Catholic Club general manager Steve Muter told the paper that Bishop Ingham called to say the event was contradictory to the Catholic doctrine.

Organiser Karen Hooton said she did not understand the bishop's move because the Club "can have gambling and alcohol, which [she believed] are against the Catholic faith".

Church has no faith in healers (The Sun-Herald 19/9/04)

Campbelltown Catholic Club
Mind Body Spirit Festival (not related to Magic of Holistic Healing Expo)

20 Sep 2004