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Catholics lobby urges more strategic approach to security issues

As the United Nations Security Council was holding an emergency meeting in response to the Burundi massacre, the Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin) called for greater support for the United Nations as the only international and independent structural mechanism to manage world security issues.

It stressed that the management and protection of refugees is the role of United Nations. It said the UN must be supported in its attempts to develop a peacekeeping response to acts of terror and violence.

PolMin said in a statement issued earlier this week that the Burundi massacre, together with the War in Iraq, "continue to highlight how necessary it is that we have a coordinated global approach to resolving these world issues".

The group argues that the rights of human beings and the common good must be the guiding principles in developing national and international security.

As part of its strategy ahead of Australia's Federal Election to be held later this year, PolMin is calling on Australia to adopt a more strategic approach to support the work of the United Nations to better manage issues of refugees and security issues.

It said in this week's statement: "Currently our government has no method to review the recommendations or conventions of UN, and therefore no formal mechanism for the parliament to consider and encourage incorporation of UN recommendations into Australian law. PolMin is recommending this change to support United Nations, as it is the only independent watchdog body we have."

PolMin is insisting that the Australian government "has a duty to uphold conventions of which we are a signatory nation".

"These conventions encourage a non-violent and legal approach to maintain international security, rather than encouraging further violence. We need to support the UN role, rather than undermine its power by ignoring its conventions and recommendations."

PolMin calls for a more strategic approach to security issues (Australian Political Ministry Network 16/8/04)

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18 Aug 2004