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Catholic Mission continues its work in Sudan

Catholic Mission has issued a statement reminding Catholics that it has had a presence in war-torn Sudan, and it plans to maintain its work there for the duration of the current humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region.

The statement said that internationally Catholic Mission, is providing $A1,548,239 to Sudan, to help children's projects as well as partnering local churches and communities.

Catholic Mission has operated in Australia for 80 years and was founded over 175 years ago in Lyon, France. In other countries, Catholic Mission is known as the Pontifical Mission Societies.

Catholic Mission's funds are helping towards the running costs of schools and kindergartens, often for children who are the victims of war or are displaced children, forced to flee their homes under the tyranny of the militia rebels. The rescue and rehabilitation of child soldiers is another necessary work. The funds help provide children with food, medicine, school materials and uniforms.

Restoring and rebuilding churches and parish centres is another way Catholic Mission is helping in Sudan. Money is provided also for training catechists, transportation for priests and pastoral workers, vestments for Mass, and providing healthcare for priests, religious and laity that are often working with the displaced people and helping them through the crisis.

The statement said that currently Australia has four religious missionaries working in Sudan - one Christian Brother, two OLSH Sisters and one Salesian priest.

The Australian phone number for donations is 1800 257 296.

Meanwhile the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need reports that Sudanese bishops are warning that peace in the south of the country could fail unless the Khartoum government acts fast to stop the militia fighters in Darfur.

Led by the Rt Rev Daniel Adwok, auxiliary bishop of Khartoum, senior clergy are worried that the crisis in Darfur is undermining the peace accord reached on 26 May between the Khartoum government (GoS) and the southern rebels, Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA),

Bishop Daniel said: "We do not know if the [Sudanese] government is really serious about wanting peace in the south. You cannot sign a peace in one corner of the country and engage in outright war in another part of the country."

Bishop Daniel said he had received reports from the SPLA saying the rebel army chiefs were now increasingly reluctant to share power with the Government, a key element of the 26 May agreement.

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16 Aug 2004