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Pope plans rare honour for Lourdes shrine

Pope John Paul II will confer a rare papal honour - a golden rose - on the Lourdes sanctuary during his visit there this weekend.

Catholic World News reports that the golden rose is a precious object in itself, and a special mark of honour bestowed by the Roman Pontiff.

The tradition dates back to the 11th century, when the Pope would annually offer a golden rose to the king or prince. The rose - traditionally regarded as the most fragrant and beautiful of flowers - is a spiritual symbol as well as a gift of intrinsic beauty and value.

The design of the golden rose is traditionally entrusted to a goldsmith who is recognised as a fine craftsman. When it is complete, the jewel is then blessed by the Pope.

The gold used for these designs is always of a high quality, and historians believe that over the centuries, most of the kings who received the papal rose melted it down for profit. In more recent times, the practice of giving this honour to secular sovereigns has become increasingly infrequent. The last royal personage to receive the golden rose was the Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, in 1956.

However Popes have continued to give the honour to beloved Catholic shrines. Pope John Paul has previously bestowed the papal rose on the Marian sanctuaries of Czestochowa, in Poland, and Loretto, Italy.

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12 Aug 2004