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Receding Bangladesh floods leave country in chaos

Floodwaters are receding in Bangladesh after submerging nearly two-thirds of the country, but many people are still cut off and in dire need of food and clean water.

The devastating floods have affected nearly 30 million people and are the worst since 1988, which left over 21 million homeless. Losses to property and infrastructure are said to be in the region of $A10.02 billion.

Caritas organisations around the world, including Caritas Australia, are working through Caritas Bangladesh, which is currently providing food aid and medicines to 32,000 families in the worst affected areas. Caritas hopes to complete immediate relief distributions by 25 August when over 44,000 families will have been reached.

The situation is reported to be dire. About 1.5 million people are living in 5,000 public buildings, schools and flood shelters and face acute scarcity of safe drinking water, adequate food relief and health services.

Lack of food is a serious concern as Bangladesh has not had any surplus food production for 3 years and there may not be enough reserves in place to feed the population. According to the UN's World Food Program, up to five million people may need emergency food aid.

Waterborne diseases have broken out at an alarming rate as people are forced to drink unsafe water. Thousands of people are now suffering from diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, pneumonia and scabies. There is not enough water purifying tablets or oral rehydration saline to treat the sick. Children are especially vulnerable to diarrhoea.

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11 Aug 2004